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Welcome to Rafter B Performance Horses! Specializing in cutting horses, we train and present quality performance horses for sale at reasonable prices. We take utmost pride in producing the perfect fit for each of our customers and their individual needs, discipline and skill level. We skillfully produce and sell top quality cow bred geldings and mares with athletic abilities, great pedigrees, a confident disposition and color. 

Although our passion lies in producing cutting horses, we do not rush our young horses faster than what they can handle. Although it takes a little longer, we are very happy with the end results. Slowing down allows our horses to learn to read a cow, rate and control their bodies and to ride in a calm atmosphere where they aren't nervous. Our horses have the training and control to go and do well in any discipline our customers pursue, i.e., cutting, roping, reining, barrel racing, penning, sorting, versatility, etc. From time to time we have finished cutting and rope horses for sale, as well.

Our horses are VERY accustomed to dogs, as well as minis, buffalo and cattle - and we can't forget the passing chicken and our mini pig. We take great pride in the horses we produce without unnecessary harsh treatment, which creates well rounded horses! We feel it is important to a horse's well-being and for a horse's sound mind to ride them outside the arena as well as inside the arena. We have miles and miles of BLM right outside our gate which allows us to meet this need. (It's pretty good for our own mental health as well!)

We thank God that we are so blessed to be able to ride, train, work cattle or buffalo, riding eight to ten horses a day, six days a week, plus enjoy team roping throughout the beautiful winter months! We do love what we do! At this time, we do not take any outside horses for the public. We own all of our performance horses and prospects, that we raise, train and compete on. Thank you for looking at our horses, and feel free to contact us if we can be of any help in your search for your next performance partner.

"There's nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse."
~ Lord Palmerston ca.1890 

Diamonds In The Ruff Corgis

We are home to an exquisitely classy and family oriented breed, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  As a professional breeder we take great pride in producing and providing champion quality puppies with great personalities and dispositions, in addition to being in excellent health; our “Boys” and “Girls” have been carefully selected to ensure rich color, nice medium bone build, classic jaw line, top line and headset to pass on to their offspring. All dogs and puppies here at Diamonds In the Ruff are ranch and family raised on 30 acres in Morristown, Arizona where they have the room to run and play every day and enjoy getting to be dogs! Our adorable little low riders are a big part our lives, and we feel very blessed to be able to start everyday doing what we love; kissing puppies and watching our four-legged friends big smiles, as they run and play, always aiming to please! Corgis are like potato chips, from my experience, it’s pretty tough to just have one!

We breed for quality not quantity and produce three to five litters a year. We strive to provide proper veterinarian health care and checkups as needed in a loving, fun environment. Diamonds In the Ruff Corgis make great family pets, emotional support dogs, service dogs, show prospects, agility dogs, herding dogs and companions. They are extremely intelligent, loyal, and loving to their family. Our treasured babies will only be placed in pre-approved homes on spay/neuter contracts, full registration puppies available on very select occasion for an additional fee. Diamonds In the Ruff Corgis provides a two year written Health Guarantee against genetic defects. Please visit our Contracts page and Health Guarantees page to read over both of our agreements. Pricing of puppies varies by pup & litter to litter. Our puppies are part of our family and loved to pieces, and we expect the same of any new puppy owner. Our ultimate goal is to raise and place quality, healthy happy babies that are true to AKC standards and grow into beloved, permanent family members. Please do your research on the breed to know the care and needs that a Pembroke Welsh Corgi requires. We usually have a waiting list for pups, please contact us to be added to our list for future litters.

Thank you for inquiring about a Diamonds In The Ruff Corgi. We would be happy to help in any way we can, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email with any further questions you may have with your future Corgi endeavor.

"Two feet move the body, four feet move the soul."
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Diamonds In The Ruff Corgis
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